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Your Trusted Product Development & Sourcing Partner

Anavil Services

Who we are

Our global presence allows us to offer efficient and effective solutions to our clients in sourcing, design, production, and logistics.


Sourcing Expert

We specialize in product and project development across a wide range of product lines, including furniture hardware, textiles, DIY tools, solar panels, and more.

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Product & Project Developer

With 40+ years of manufacturing experience, our team of production specialists is highly experienced and skilled in planning and managing production activities for clients.


Production Control Expert

Our expertise and strength in Total Quality Management (TQM) enables us to provide complete quality solutions.



Solutions Provider

Our focus is on B2B business. We serve clients worldwide by offering all-in-one sourcing and product development solutions.


B2B Supplier

Our global presence allows us to offer efficient and effective solutions to our clients in sourcing, design, production, and logistics.

How we win

We cover the entire production process, from upstream to downstream, including pre-production and production stages.



Quality Management

We maintain constant and effective cost-control measures, always fighting for our clients' best interests.


Competitive Price

We provide expert consulting, innovative design, and efficient sourcing solutions for a wide range of components.

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Engineering Solutions

We place a high value on proactive communication, transparent processes, and open information sharing to ensure our clients are always kept informed and up-to-date.


Clear Communication

& Transparency

We offer mixed container load, container booking, and order follow-up services to ensure your products are shipped quickly and efficiently.



Shipping Solutions

We cover the entire production process, from upstream to downstream, including pre-production and production stages.

How we work

At Anavil, we recognise that focusing on quality, standardisation, and systematic management is a cornerstone of success in product development. This involves overseeing all of our activities and tasks to maintain the desired level of excellence.

To achieve this goal, we have developed a comprehensive sourcing standard operating procedure.

Anavil's 10-Steps Sourcing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)


Request Analysis

Anavil's Total Quality Management (TQM)

What we focus on

At Anavil, quality is our top priority.

Anavil's Total Quality Management (TQM): Upstream


  • Standard & regulation monitoring

  • Supplier validation & audit

  • Commercial sample

Anavil's Total Quality Management (TQM): Downstream


  • Analyze issues & setup action plan

  • Permanent improvement

Anavil's Total Quality Management (TQM): Pre-production


  • Sample development & validation

  • Certification control and laboratory testing

  • Validation of sealed samples

  • Checklist/Protocol Standards

Anavil's Total Quality Management (TQM): Production


  • Inline inspection

  • Final inspection

At Anavil, we place a high value on quality assurance, which is why our team works closely with prestigious international labs, including TUV, SGS, BV LCIE, Intertek, and Pourquery. We conduct approximately 70 lab tests per year to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality.

Our key product lines

We offer a comprehensive range of products and services. Please take a moment to explore our offerings and feel free to contact our expert team for further information.

We specialise in furniture textiles, including sofa fabrics, pillow covers, and more.

Anavil key product lines: Furniture Textiles

Furniture Textiles

Mattress cover textiles made from high-quality materials that meet all relevant norms & standards, ensuring durability and comfort.


Mattress Cover Textile

A comprehensive selection of power & hand tools includes everything from drills and planers to screwdrivers, suitable for any DIY project.


Power & Hand Tools

A variety of furniture hardware, including electrical components, sofa feet, mechanisms, swivel bases, and more.


Furniture Hardware

Sanitary items including basins, faucets, toilets, cabinets, and more, available in a range of designs, shapes, sizes, and colours.


Sanitary Items

Outdoor furniture including bistro sets, sofas, loungers, and other pieces designed for use on patios and in backyards.

Beach Chairs_edited.jpg

Outdoor Furniture

An ample selection of indoor furniture, from tables and beds to office furniture.


Indoor Furniture

A diverse array of flooring options, available in various designs, styles, materials, and more.



Office chairs that meet both domestic and professional norms and standards, with certification to ensure quality.

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Office Chair

Shop fitting items suitable for displaying anything from fashion and sportswear to abstract pieces, in any position or gesture.


Shop Fitting Items

A wide variety of lighting options, including table lamps, decorative lighting, LED panels, outdoor floodlights, batten lights, and more.



Comprehensive selection of solar panel components, ranging from solar panels and inverters to mounting systems and monitoring equipment.

solar panel.png

Solar Panel

Our clients

Ceramica Italia
Mr. Bricolage
Parisot Industrie
Alsa Flooring

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